Some Of The Best New Fonts for Web Design

The planning and creation of a website are known as web design. It includes a set of skills that all come under web design. For instance, site structure, user interface layout, color information architecture, fonts, and navigation are skills of web designing. All these things are important, but font plays an important role in design. Here, you will find some of the best fonts for your website. Click this to get the best web design packages.

Source sans pro:

Source sans pro is a sans serif typeface that embodies confidence and a sense of authority, especially when set in capital letters. Its generous width and long extenders make it an excellent choice for long text passages. Its smooth, rounded forms and solid lines make it easy on the eye.

Lucida bright:

If you want to make your project look more prominent, try using the Lucida bright font. It is a typeface with a traditional style of typography. Its x-height is wide, and its letterforms are tightly packed together. This combination makes Lucida bright ideal for publications like newsletters, manuals, newspapers, and magazines. This typeface is compatible with most operating systems and comes in ZIP format.

Abhaya Libre:

The Abhaya Libre font is a beautiful sans serif with elegant rounded edges. It is a great choice for headers and headlines. The rounded design makes it easy to read on screens. It is available in five styles and has a versatile set of alternate characters. It is available for personal and commercial use for free on

It is a condensed version of the renowned Egyptian slab serif typefaces, which were popular during the nineteenth century. The font was created to be beautiful and unique, but it works well for text uses. Another interesting font is Carme, developed by Google and designed for long paragraphs. While it does not yet come with any styles, a bold version is due soon.


Quicksand is a geometric display sans-serif with rounded terminals. This type has a friendly feel and pairs well with bold colors. Alternatively, it pairs well with Archivo Black + Judson, a bold sans-serif. Another pair that works well with Quicksand is Abril Fatface, which combines a solid sans-serif with a rounded one.