Can You Get A Fungal Infection From Wearing Acrylic Nail Extensions?

While acrylic nail technicians are trained to secure your nails, you must still take good care of them to prevent any fungus from forming. To avoid getting infected, wash your hands more frequently and avoid touching things containing moisture. Read here how you can avoid fungal infection from wearing acrylic nail extensions. Visit our clinic to get nail fungus canada.

Avoid visiting a nail salon:

If you are a nail salon regular, you are probably aware that fungal infections are a real threat to your nails. These infections can lead to thickened and discolored nails, brittleness, and a pronounced odor. Although these infections are more common on toenails, they can also affect fingernails. Fortunately, you can avoid fungal infections by following a few simple precautions.

Avoid touching acrylic nails:

Keeping your hands away from your acrylic nails can help prevent a fungal infection. Fungi can live in the space beneath your nails and be transferred to your mouth and face. This can then spread to other people or objects you touch. You should wash your hands frequently and avoid getting them wet.

Avoid sharing personal items:

When wearing acrylic nail extensions, make sure to keep personal items out of the reach of others. For instance, avoid sharing a towel or toothbrush with another person. This can lead to the spread of bacteria. Infections can weaken the strength of the acrylic nails, which may require removal. Also, make sure to use clean nail tools to avoid the spread of germs.

Avoid visiting a nail salon with friends:

While visiting a nail salon is fun, you should also take precautions to protect yourself from getting infected. Many nail salons have equipment that may not be clean and could lead to fungal infections. These infections can require antibiotics and surgery to treat.

Fungus is spread through direct contact and airborne spores. They can be found on nail plates, and other communal surfaces but are invisible to the naked eye. They thrive in warm, moist environments. Make sure to wear dry shoes, and don’t wear sweaty socks.

Avoid visiting a nail salon with a friend:

When visiting a nail salon, it is important to be very careful. Even though nail technicians are experienced and well-trained, they often need the proper equipment or training to treat fungal infections. Infections from acrylic nails can occur due to prolonged wear, as they create an environment for bacteria to grow.