Ubuntu “Officially” Coming to Android!

Here’s some great news for the Android/Ubuntu community, Ubuntu (the company itself) is working around the clock to bring you more “seamless” integration between Ubuntu and Android. I know my initial goal was to do this myself but over the months, I simply don’t have the time to develop HDMI drivers for different phones nor am I that expert at Linux.

So what?

Since Ubuntu is really working hard to bring us seamless integration of Ubuntu and Android, we will eventually be able to get Ubuntu easily on our Android smartphones without doing any kind of “hacks”.

The best part?

We can expect to make full use of Ubuntu without the VNC bottleneck and use HDMI output natively (on all phones with HDMI output support), meaning we will get a full Ubuntu experience without lag soon. Besides personal uses, this means we can literally turn every “old” Android smartphone into a Ubuntu Linux computer, which has a million uses including re-using them as school computers for toddlers and elementary schoolers. The ideas are endless and it’s a good thing Ubuntu has finally seen that “vision”.

Anyways, I can’t wait for this to be available! Yippee!

And no, you can’t do this on iOS, sorry Apple fans. Android runs Linux kernels natively, meaning porting Ubuntu or any other Linux distro was “just a matter of time”.

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  1. I just seen a video of an Android phone with Unbuntu installed, they docked to a desktop also running Unbuntu. It was seemless intergraction! Launched The phone’s Apps, SMS ect! Talk about excitement (Atleast to me)! I can’t wait for more development between Unbuntu/Google Devices!

  2. This is great news max, but what is Tizen all about? And how long, do you think, it will be before full native support for Ubuntu arrives?

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