Native Ubuntu on EeePad Transformer!

My original goal was to put Ubuntu running “chrooted” on top of Android OS so you can still use your Android as a phone while running Ubuntu. Well, that was before the days of Android tablets.

Now that I’ve got hands on an EeePad Transformer with a keyboard dock, it makes more sense to just straight run a native Ubuntu on it.

It runs much faster than chrooted although there’s still some bugs and kinks to work out such as speakers not working, flash not working, and whatnot but it’s very usable.

For those of you who want to install native Ubuntu on your EeePad Transformer, you can check out step-by-step directions over at

And here’s video of me install native Ubuntu on EeePad Transformer:

And files you need:

Download EeePad Transformer Ubuntu files

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  1. wonder if this would be possible on sylvania synet7lp. just picked up one and never seen a bigger pos. basically the only thing i do with it now is run vnc connection to my ubuntu laptop or androlinux install on my g2. please let me know thanx

  2. Hi,

    Download link of is dead. it would be amazing if you send me another link or torrent link. I am looking forward to get you reply for my message. By the way, thank you for your public shares.

    Best regards.

  3. Your link is not working.. I ave not use 4800 baud do down load anything in over the internet in over twenty five years..

    Please send me a link that actually works.. thank you

    If who ever maintains that link wants to offer a service,, one thing they have not done is impress me with their ability to handle down loading.. Oh yeah I have a 9600 baud modem sitting on my sister’s farm in Montana if they want to up grade their system..

  4. Why go backwards to Lucid? Anyway, now there is Oneric, which is actually what I’m using on two of my computers right now, but I understand Oneric’s ARM support is much improved

  5. Hello,
    sorry for my english, i have LENOVO ThinkPad Tablet 16GB WiFi 1838-2SG, lenovo is same hardware such as samsung galaxy, is possible install ubuntu on lenovo tablet too?

    thanks for advice

    roman, slovakia

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