How to Install Busybox on your Android!

For the Ubuntu script to work, Busybox must be installed on your rooted Android device.

Most rooting process involves installing of Busybox but sometimes they don’t.

So if you get errors while trying to run Ubuntu on Android and doesn’t run, try installing Busybox on your Android:

I made a script so it’s easy to install Busybox on your Android:

1) Download from one of the mirrors below and unzip:


2) Run “adb shell” at command prompt to get into shell.

3) Type “su” to make sure you are in root mode.

4) Type “cd /sdcard” and “sh ./” to install Busybox.

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  1. >when i run
    >sh ./
    >I get:
    >Unable to chmod busybox: No such file or directory
    >./ ./busybox: not found
    >Any Help?

    same here

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