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Ubuntu “Officially” Coming to Android!

Here’s some great news for the Android/Ubuntu community, Ubuntu (the company itself) is working around the clock to bring you more “seamless” integration between Ubuntu and Android. I know my initial goal was to do this myself but over the months, I simply don’t have the time to develop HDMI drivers for different phones nor am I that expert at Linux.

So what?

Since Ubuntu is really working hard to bring us seamless integration of Ubuntu and Android, we will eventually be able to get Ubuntu easily on our Android smartphones without doing any kin

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How to Install Busybox on your Android!

For the Ubuntu script to work, Busybox must be installed on your rooted Android device.

Most rooting process involves installing of Busybox but sometimes they don’t.

So if you get errors while trying to run Ubuntu on Android and doesn’t run, try installing Busybox on your Android:

I made a script so it’s easy to install Busybox on your Android:

1) Download Busybox.zip from one of the mirrors below and unzip: Download busybox.zip 2) Run

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How to Install Ubuntu on Android!


For those of you who want to install Ubuntu on your Android smartphone or tablet device, here’s our universal guide on how to do it. (This guide is based off my original guide at NexusOneHacks.net)

*Note – This guide should work on most “r

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How to Build CHROOT ARM Ubuntu Images for Android!

This is for those of you who want to learn how to build your own CHROOT ARM Ubuntu images for Android from scratch.

Why? ¬†For example, perhaps you might want to include certain programs like SSH, Web server, etc…etc… so the Ubuntu image you ultimately end up using on your Android device will not have stuff you don’t want/need.

Also, this is actually a great way to learn about the whole process of running ARM Ubuntu on your Android device whether it be a smartphone or tablet.

How to Build CHROOT ARM Ubuntu images for Android

*Note – This guide wi

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